Price : 25.000 KWD
Quantity :
Description :

xDeep Trim Pockets, suitable for sidemount and backmount systems

Deep Trim Pockets can be added to either sidemount of back mount harness to provide addition weighting either at the top of the shoulders (helps bring feet up) or to the waist strap (keep ballast central). One tri-glide on each end of the weight pocket ensure that the pocket doesn't move from it's set position so that precise trim can be achieved. xDeep Trim Pockets are available in two sizes to provide you with variable weight options, the medium pocket can take upto 3kg per pair while the large pocket can take upto 6kg per a pair. XDeep Trim Pockets are made using cordura materials to provide amazing abrasion resistance so a pocket doesn't suddenly rip open while crawling through a tight hole, stainless steel metal components wont tarish or corrode even with heavy salt water use.

Specification :

xDeep Sidemount Trim Pocket features:

  • Add upto 6kg of non-ditchable ballast
  • High quality materials
  • Two sizes; M - 3kg total, L - 6kh total