Polar Pro Filters specializes in manufacturing accessories for GoPro Cameras. They are continuously expanding Threr product lines to enhance the filming experience. Polar Pro® was started at the University of California, Santa Barbara in October of 2011 with a small polarizer filter. They have been experiencing exponential growth and developing more refined products along the way. The introduction of the snap-on filter series was a huge turning point for them in 2012. It was the first time a person with the GoPro could quickly remove and attach a filter, and is still the best filter application for a GoPro Camera. After graduating from UCSB they moved back home and established permanent headquarters in Newport Beach, California Their employees are constantly filming, testing, and researching new ideas to improve the filming process with the most popular camera on the market. The company culture is young and innovative with employees ranging from professional snowboarders, talented surfers, avid divers, and adrenaline seeking skydivers. They look forward to enhancing your videos and they hope to see you surfing northside of the Huntington Beach pier, lapping to park in Mammoth, or on one of our tropical diving “research” trips.